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Results are posted when meet admins are ready to post them.

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Track how far ahead or behind schedule a meet is running.

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See national, local and league time standards.

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Message meet attendees with important information.


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It's our mission to create products that coaches, admins, swimmers and parents around the world love. MeetBop was created by swimmers and swim parents for all of these people, it has been used at hundreds of meets and is giving rise to a new era of swimovation. MeetBop is great for all meets including Club, Summer League, High School, Masters, and National meets to name a few. We welcome any suggestions that make your life easier as a swimmer, coach, meet administrator, or simply a fan.


A few testimonials from our tens of thousands of users

  • Thank you so much for creating this app. It is amazing and people love it. Keep up the good work and we will spread the word all around Utah about this life changing (not an exaggeration) app.

    Utah Meet Director
    Utah Valley Aquatics UV Rays

    MeetBop, the only mobile app that truly lets you track the progress of a swim meet in real-time from any location.

    Karyn Tunks
    Swim Mom Blogger
  • MeetBop saved us! The weather was bad, the facility was packed and many people were sitting in their cars using MeetBop to track the meet.

    Austin Texas Swim Parent
    MeetBop User

    MeetBop was phenomenal!!!! It saved us in our afternoon sessions because they were scheduled to start "at the conclusion of the morning sessions". That phrase is annoying because "when is that" if you are not at the meet. Well, MeetBop helped answer that question for many of the 13 & overs that were only involved in the afternoon sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pearland Texas Meet Director
    Pearland Aquatics


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Meet Directors and Admins:

Sell YOUR heats sheets online and keep all your profits. No more printing hundres of paper heatsheets. No more taking cash. No more volunteer. Post your heatsheet before the meet. Money in your bank account after the meet. That easy.

We will be updating our web site soon to provide more details, but you can get started right now by emailing us.

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