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Introducing MeetBop

The Worlds Only All-In-One Swim Meet App.

The Perfect SWIM MEET Tool for Admin, Swimmers & Fans.

WHAT IS MEETBOP? As creators of MeetBop, we tasked ourselves with the mission to create a swim meet communication manager that coaches, admins, swimmers, parents and fans around the world would love. MeetBop, created by swimmers and swim parents, has already been used at hundreds of swim meets giving rise to a new era of #swimotivation. It greatly enhances the swim meet experience for all by keeping fans and swimmers connected to the pool — even when they can’t see it.

MeetBop is a bundled, swim meet communication and fundraising application relevant for all swim meets and participants including Club, Summer League, High School, College, Masters, and National meets. With truly Live Results capabilities as well as a Live Timeline feature, swimmers, parents, coaches and officials can stay up-to-date with the exact timeline. MeetBop works seamlessly with major swim meet management programs, delivering an exact – not programmed – meet timeline. With Admin Messaging capabilities, exact start times can be communicated to all users.


Live Timeline

Track & share how far ahead or behind schedule a meet is running. MeetBop ties directly into your sessions reports in your database giving you the opportunity to share REAL TIME event starts. With a simple upload, event start times are live. Current event/heat with a dynamic timeline and pre-swim alerts shows a live timeline (and current event/heat)

Live Swim Meet Results

Results are posted when meet admins are ready to post them. Give your self some time to double check results after the meet officials have turned in disqualification slips. Works with Active Hy-Tek Meet Manager and provides cloud backups of Meet Manager database files

Time Standards

Easy access to all national, local and league time standards in one place. Built to handle league or team specific time standards along side USASwimming and state specific time standards.

Live Meet Messaging

With the click of a button, share meet information and communicate with meet attendees and participants real time. Communicate with your officials real-time while they are on deck. Offer maps to meet participants prior to the meet. Ex: Utilize to communicate the meet is delayed 10 minutes due to weather

MDB Cloud Backup

As a meet director, have you ever worried about a Meet Manager crash or corrupt file? MeetBop performs automatic back ups in the cloud.

Fundraising. Fast & Easy

MeetBop is a free app that offers Meet Administrators, Teams and Leagues an opportunity to fundraise. Utilize the swim app as a heat sheet or pysch sheet, and charge meet attendees for access, eliminating the need for the paper-expense of heat sheets.


Who Uses MeetBop?

Host teams perform mass amounts of work behind the scenes to provide mobile results for meet attendees. Most meet directors utilize cumbersome swim software  such as MeetMobile by Active Network, to run their meets. These companies pocket all the money and create a support burden for swim meet admins. Want to bring that money, and more, back to the team? Do that with MeetBop by shutting off MeetMobile and selling MeetBop results at meets.

Heat Sheet FundraisingTimeline Only: Club Team ExperienceFull Experience: Summer League Study
Heat Sheet production can be a challenging and daunting task for any swim team whether summer recreational teams or Club/USASwimming teams. With MeetBop and the push of a few buttons, swim teams can produce and sell a digital heat sheet that can be updated the morning of the meet, saves paper, and the team pockets all the money whether you are set up for cash-pay, PayPal or let your swimmers/fans/coaches buy prior to the meet.

Many Club swimming teams rent outside pools and swim facilities for their meets. These facilities have limited deck space for swimmers and fans or challenging air quality requiring seating to be relocated away from competition pools, sometimes even completely outside of the natatorium. MeetBop’s LIVE TIMELINE allows those seated outside the facility, inside the facility yet volunteering, or those not in attendance, minute to minute updates and messaging on what’s in the water, as well as time predictions of upcoming events.

Summer recreational swimming is all about amazing, fun-filled experiences for the swimmer as well as the parent. With recreational facilities offering swimmer/group seating outside of fences and away from the competition pool, MeetBop makes it easy to effectively communicate LIVE TIME LINES, H and projected start times for team parents, fans and the swimmer. Fundraising opportunities are strong with MeetBop.

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MeetBop saved us! The weather was bad, the facility was packed and many people were sitting in their cars using MeetBop to track the meet.

MeetBop User Austin Texas Swim Parent August 30, 2016

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