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Current Event&Heat

See the current event & heat that is in the water, whenever, from wherever.

Live Timeline

See how for ahead/behind schedule a meet is running and projected event start times.

Admin Messaging

Meet Hosts can push important messages to users such as weather and equipment delays.

Event Start Alerts

Setup alerts to get text messages before events start so that you don't miss them.

Live Results

See swim times, splits and team scores. Password Protect results for child saftey.

MeetBop Director

Meet Hosts, use the MeetBop Director web app to setup and manage meets in the app.


Install the app and select the Demo meet to see these screens and more.

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With MeetBop's Timeline features, MeetHosts can keep parents & swimmers connected to the pool deck and let them see following, from wherever, whenever.

  • Admin messages like weather delay updates
  • Current Event & Heat in the water
  • Meet is running ahead, behind or on-time
  • Projected event start times
  • Text message alerts before events start
Meet Hosts simply update the current event & heat and the rest happens automatically. Current event & heat update can be done manually or automatically with MeetBop's Colorado Timing integration. Works with Hy-Tek MeetManager and TeamUnify Touch Pad timelines.

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MeetBop Results is a great option for recreational and summer league teams who'd like to have an all-in-one app that provides both timeline and results features.

  • Swim times, splits, and team scores
  • Password Protect Option for child saftey
  • You decide when to upload results
  • Works with Hy-Tek MeetManager Pro
  • MeetManager database cloud backups
To prevent unwanted people from seeing swimmer information, Meet Hosts can password protect meets and require users to enter a password for access.

What Our Customers Say...

“MeetBop, the only mobile app that truly lets you track the progress of a swim meet in real-time from any location.”

Karyn Tunks swimteamlifestyle.comSwim Mom Blogger

“MeetBop was phenomenal!!!! It saved us in our afternoon sessions because they were scheduled to start "at the conclusion of the morning sessions". That phrase is annoying because "when is that" if you are not at the meet. Well, MeetBop helped answer that question for many of the 13 & overs that were only involved in the afternoon sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Meet Director PEAK Swimming Pearland Aquatics

“Thank you so much for creating this app. It is amazing and people love it. Keep up the good work and we will spread the word all around Utah about this life changing (not an exaggeration) app.”

Meet Director UV Rays Utah Valley Aquatics


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Try your first meet for free with MeetBop Timeline features.

  • Current Event&Heat
  • Live Timeline
  • Admin Messaging
  • Event Start Alerts



Best if your team hosts 3 meets or less each season.

  • Current Event&Heat
  • Live Timeline
  • Admin Messaging
  • Event Start Alerts



Great all-in-one option for recreational teams.

  • Current Event&Heat
  • Live Timeline
  • Admin Messaging
  • Event Start Alerts
  • Live Results

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