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About MeetBop

app-iconOline Networks was started by swimmers, swim parents and developers with one single goal: to make swimming better using technology, ultimately growing the sport we love. More children and parents enjoying summer league swimming leads to more year round athletes. Via this swim meet management application (available for iOS and Android systems)…we’ve achieved our goals.

Pulling from the combined 44 years of coaching, swimming, and swim parenting, along with a combined 50 years of higher technology, Oline Networks is dedicated to offering the swimming community features and products to make swimming more fun, interactive, social and to highlight the best of swimming.


Much of the feedback that we get from customers is regarding how it helps them run more efficient meets. 

  • Tent parents love it because it helps them get their swimmers to the ready bench on time which helps meets run more efficiently. 
  • Meet Directors love it because:
    • They can message MeetBop users regarding things like meet delays thereby making meets more efficient. 
    • They can see how far ahead of or behind schedule a meet is running and make meet time adjustments to make meets run more efficiently. 
    • They can see post meet reports that show them where things slowed down against the original timeline and put plans in place for subsequent meets to have things run more efficiently. 
  • Concessions volunteers love it because it notifies them before their kids swim so that they don’t miss them swim as they work in those busy concession stands.
  • In general, parents love it because:
    • It helps them manage their time more efficiently 
    • Reduces the odds that they miss seeing their kids swim
    • They don’t have to pay for MeetMobile results for six weeks of summer league.  

We have a product to meet ANY meet’s needs. MORE INFO > Products

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