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Words that makes most swim organizational leaders cringe. Organizations have to fundraise to stay afloat, especially swim teams and clubs. A swim fundraiser event does NOT have to be a big production. Consider alternative swim team fundraisers that don’t involve swimming laps, kick board throwing contents, pie in the face of the coach or relays. What if we told you that MeetBop, a swim meet app, can help you fundraise and you don’t have to do anything you aren’t already doing?

Just think, raise funds for your swim team, club or organization the easy way. Charge for something you already do, like providing heat sheets. With our digital heat sheet capabilities, you can make all the changes you want to the database, and “print” the heat sheet at the very last minute….even after scratches are made at the meet.


You read that right. Most swim meet hosts already run Meet Manager to manage entries, heat events, and manage scratches the day of a meet. Why scramble and force print a heat sheet the night before that has open lanes and that includes swimmers that are not even entered in the swim meet? Why print a psych sheet days before the meet and have meet-watchers guessing at what heat and lane their swimmers Most swim meet hosts take scratches along the way up until an hour or so before the swim meet is due to start. If you’ve never been in the meet management room for the two hours prior to the meet, you should try it some time. It’s organized chaos. It doesn’t matter how organized a Meet Director and data person is, scratches can wreak havoc on a heat sheet, almost rendering it null and void.

With MeetBop’s digital heat sheet capabilities, meet hosts and volunteers can sell “access” to the heat sheet via our one-of-a-kind, swim meet app. Once your entries and scratches are complete, a quick upload of your MDB (master database) to the MeetBop Director, and wha-la. You have a digital heat sheet.

There are many ways meet hosts can sell access. Selling access via your website prior to the meet or via the Meet Invitation or even at the meet itself. With a QR code at your scratch or late entries desk, can utilize a volunteer you already have in place. Access can be granted via a private QR code, a written code or an email can be sent out to a team with a note stating heat/lane assignments are not final until 30 minutes prior to the meet allowing swimmers, parents and fans to have a general idea of where a swimmer falls, without counting and dividing the information provided on a psych sheet.

Another efficient way to sell access or to raise funds for a swim team, is to utilize a volunteer to set up camp by the front gates of a summer league swim meet, selling access via SquareUp, PayPal or simply accepting cash. Heat sheets and effective communication with meet attendees, can help a swim meet run more smoothly, especially summer league swim meets where the visiting teams aren’t familiar with how meets run at the visitor’s pool.

With MeetBop’s digital heat sheet feature combined with LiveMeetMessaging, meet hosts/home teams can effectively communicate with meet attendees. Teams can pay for meet access and share on a donation basis and allow all in attendance to have access to the FREE swim meet app. Just think…being able to communicate rain delay information, concession information or illegally parked car information. The sky is the limit.

Contact us today for more information. MeetBop has customer service representatives standing by, ready to answer any questions a summer swim meet host, Club meet host or fundraising volunteer might have about MeetBop’s capabilities.

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