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MeetBop provides opportunities for teams, leagues & LSC’s to raise funds to KEEP for themselves. With the ability to assign an individual passcode for MEET USE on the MeetBop application, imagine a meet with NO paper heat sheets/psych sheets being lost and found. Imagine a meet with no wasted paper and no one running to the copy store at the crack of dawn prior to an already early meet. Imagine a meet with changes to heating made at the meet, then a notification being pushed out to all involved.

With the ability to assign a meet or team/club specific code, the sharing and uses of MeetBop are truly endless. Parents pay directly to Active Networks upon downloading Meet Mobile. The Club or LSC does all the work running the meet, printing the heat sheet, selling the heat sheet and the parents do all the purchasing. With MeetBop, with different fee structures, the Club or LSC provides the volunteer to run the meet time line and the parents can download the app for free.

Example below demonstrates how Active Network/Meet Mobile makes money off of teams/swimmers and how MeetBop could fundraise for the team or LSC. The team or LSC could:

  • Charge a per swimmer “technology” fee and give everyone at the meet access.
  • Use a QR code, and “sell” access at meet instead of heat sheet
  • Build the fee into Club Registration
  • LSC build fee into USAS Registration


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