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Live Meet Messaging

timeline-messagingPonder the thought of being able to send a message that says CIRCLE IN closes in 5 minutes, OR meet delay due to weather conditions with a link to a radar. Amazing thought isn’t it? With MeetBops

Considering the use of the LIVE TIMELINE feature, coupled with MeetBop InMeet Messaging, you can communicate live with any situations that arise from weather, to injuries, to “we are moving too fast” messages – all with ONE APP! Easy to use. So appreciated.


LIVE SWIM MEET TIMELINE:  The MeetBop app can be used  by the volunteer coordinator at a meet to keep the event and heat current. Push important swim meet notifications to swimmers and fans with the push of a button. Learn More > Live Timeline

LIVE MESSAGING to SWIMMERS/FANS/OFFICIALS: Push important notifications to ONLY MEET OFFICIALS. Learn More > Communicate with Officials via MeetBop Director

LIVE SWIM MEET RESULTS: Live results can be offered to those that have downloaded the app pre-meet. As the meet progresses, a quick upload by a staffer loads the data into the MeetBop App for users to enjoy. Learn More > Live Results 

TIME STANDARDS: From USA Swimming Time Standards to individual team “Training Group” standards, we can load your team or your club’s individual time standards into ONE PLACE for easy access for swimmers, parents and coaches. Learn More > Time Standards

From the MeetBop Director app, you can do just that.


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