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Live swim meet results can be offered to those that have downloaded the app pre-meet. As the meet progresses, a quick upload by a staffer loads the data into the MeetBop App for users to enjoy. Live Results are ONLY uploaded when Meet Admin is ready to post which is not the case with other popular meet manager software.

Two settings offering complete control, unlike major swim meet software (ie: MeetMobile):

  • Auto Mode
  • Manual Mode

In efforts to keep costs down, MeetBop “Live Results” are part of the app and no extra fee for users on the swimmer/fan side or the manager side. Popular meet management programs such as MeetManager’s Meet Mobile, require an upfront fee for “live results.”

Interested in raising funds for your team, meet or league?  Meet Administrators can sell “access” to MeetBop instead of Heat Sheets. Links can be posted on Meet Invitations or on Team/League websites as seen fit. No need for those “last minute” updates to the meet program or itinerary as it is all built in to

Just think – you are saving TREES!




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