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The MeetBop app can be used  by the volunteer coordinator at a meet to keep the event and heat current.

Access to the admin view is password protected. This is set in MeetBop Director when the meet is created.

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Note: there is also a computer browser based way to keep the meet information current.

The MeetBop Director app is where the magic happens:

  • Creates meets via the Meet Manager MDB file upload
  • Edits meet information
  • Upload results WHEN the results are verified
  • Update Event/Heat

For the Meet Attendee/End User, MeetBop’s live timeline gives user the following meet information:

  • Current event and heat
  • The entire meet timeline with original and projected event start times
  • Pre-swim text message alerts
  • How far ahead of or behind schedule a meet is

Why is this important?

MeetBop LiveTimeline Benefits:

  • Meet volunteers won’t miss events and the associated problems that slow the meet down.
  • Swimmers can accurately prepare for their swims — warm up at optimal times and not miss them.
  • No more last minute running up to the blocks.
  • Parents and Fans by having freedom to move around and away from the pool without fear of missing an event.


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