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timestandards-meetbopMost swimmers and some fans carry sets of time standards either in print or stored as bookmarks on digital devices. There are so many different sets of swimming time standards, from USA Swimming standards, FINA/Olympic standards, Junior Olympic, Summer Recreational, and even individual team or club standards. MeetBop Time Standards feature simplifies and streamlines the information for app users.

The creators of MeetBop understand how difficult it is to keep everything in one place, so we’ve added a CUSTOM FEATURE to the MeetBop app. We can add any specific time standard or results reporting to your “meet” or club/team set up. All in one place. Whether training group time standards or base test set standards, with a simple upload, an entire team can have all necessary age group to senior time standards in one place!

Basic Inclusions for Time Standards:

  • USA Swimming Age Group Standards
  • USA Swimming Olympic Standards

Custom Inclusions could be:

  • Individual Team Standards
  • Training Group Standards
  • End of Season Meet Standards
  • Invitational Standards
  • Sky is the Limit


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