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What is needed to run MeetBop?

Oline Networks goal is to help swim meet directors, volunteer coordinators and officials run an efficient meet. How can MeetBop help? By uploading your MDB file from Meet Manager to the MeetBop Swim Meet Management app and connecting your main computer to your CTS (Colorado Timing System) and the scoreboard, MeetBop will automatically update as the information is pulled across all the different platforms as the pads are touched. Through these connections, swimmers, meet attendees (friends, fans and parents) and meet officials, can be kept in the loop on any changes to previous published timelines.

  • Any device with an internet connection.
  • MeetBop Director Browser App to create the meet from Meet Manager’s MDB file.
  • MB partners with Swim Display’s Virtual Scoreboard software.

The software runs on a PC connected to a Colorado Timing System’s scoreboard port. The software reads the scoreboard data off this connection and sends the event and heat to MeetBop as the meet progresses.

At the meet, a volunteer/admin uses the MeetBop mobile app or browser app to input current heat and event.

Colorado Timing System (CTS) Integration: Plug & Play




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